On sustainability On sustainability

On sustainability

On sustainability On sustainability

At Janue, sustainability lies at the core. As a Brussels based label, we try to steer the fuss of city life and the importance of environmental occupations in the right direction through our businessmodel: 



We create small collections that follow the natural seasons. Our designs make it possible to layer up during autumn, and down during summer. Silhouettes take shape through an equal urge for comfort and beauty. 



We work with high-end odds and ends fabric from other designers. We strive for the use of natural products like silk and cotton, carefully selected through our own tactile experience. The luxurious feeling a piece of clothing can give you and the way it enables your body to move and breathe is utterly important to us. 



The entire production process takes place in Belgium. It enables a fluent communication and supervision. We produce small quantities that respond to the natural seasons to avoid stock and the obligation to organise monstrous sales. We believe anyhow that our designs do not lose value over time. 



We encourage to invest in fewer pieces of higher quality. We want to emphasize emotional intelligence and the experience of lasting beauty through clothing. We offer honest aesthetics through transparency during the entire process. In a garment we try to combine utility, understanding and beauty. Subtle designs with the greatest attention for details.