Our refined sensitive capacities are weakening. Our superficial powers to perceive something are growing daily thanks to the flow of banal consumer-oriented information. It is getting more difficult to stop and observe thoroughly. 

As a potential solution, we explore the importance of tactile perception through the creation of garments. At Janue, we invite you to see clothes in a different way: forms and colors as an opportunity to feel and touch your body as living and moving, not just an image, but as a felt movement. To invent anew means for us to invent a new movement and concentrate the feeling body, let it enjoy not just the clothes but what they do to your body in its most essential mode: movement.

We freed tactility from its ancient functionality and opened it up for aesthetic perception.* The goal is to break through stereotypical tactile experience and stimulate imagination. Seeing and hearing are objective senses, smell and tase are subjective. Touch is somewhere in between and tactile memories can transform the deepest layers of our being.**

*We explore ancient - functional - silhouettes and translate them according to this hypothesis. The metamorphing results shape our archetypes.

**We are exploring unknown ways of thinking - unique sensory sensualities - through garments. The mystery grows even greater as the research becomes more coherent.