At Janue we propose a poetic way of dressing that arises from critical research in art, philosophy and literature on the one hand, and a study of textiles, silhouettes and embroidery on the other. Our goal is to turbit the borders between fashion, art and academic research, as each collection is the poetic translation of a thorough study. 

We experiment with the creation of an ‘I’; an expression towards the world around us, but also an absorption of this world, with the greatest consciousness. We emphasize an emotional intelligence in the process of dressing. It's in the border contact between a piece of clothing and a person, in the mutual touching, that meaning comes into being.


Made in Belgium

We design and produce in Belgium with natural, high-quality odds and ends fabrics we precisely select through accumulated tactile experience. In our silhouettes we strive for a subtle elegance through a constant search for balance between volume and refined details. 

Our atelier is located near the Grand Sablon in Brussels. Our shop is integrated in this space, because we encourage transparency in the entire process of creation.




Open atelier & shop:
58 Rue des Minimes
1000 Brussels

Opening hours:
Wed - Sat: 11.00 - 19.00
Sun: 11.00 - 15.00
Tue: by appointment only