JANUE is a fashion project established in 2019 by Belgian art historian Céline Van den Bossche. She proposes an alternative notion of luxury through the development of silhouettes based on the needs of diverse bodily moods. She poetically researches where these moods come from and how they can interact with a piece of clothing. The research is documented through various media. 

Céline Van den Bossche graduated from her bachelors in fashion design from Istituto Marangoni Milano in 2012 and from her masters in art history from KU Leuven in 2018. Not willing to settle neither for an academic future nor for a merely artistic one she decided to combine her two paths and occupy the middle ground between fashion and art. 

JANUE represents an in between zone. It is a field of transition, a constant oscillation between the academic and the artistic, the poetic and the literal, excess and sobriety, volume and refined details. 

Within the first year, JANUE wins the MAD FLY business program (the Brussels platform for expertise in fashion and design): an injection for international development.