Crackling Coat (multiple colors)


The fabrics for the coat are picked by feeling on the one hand, and by ear on the other. The wrinkling of the textile makes a crackling, paper-like sound. The large amount of volume and the high split in the back encourage air currents to freely run through it. Around your body, the coat will be in a continuous state of dance. 


Midnight blue: 100% cotton
Dusty plum: 100% cotton
Royal blue: 100% cotton
Cloud dancer: 100% cotton

Through the cords you can adapt the length of the sleeves and curb the volume around the waist. All coats come with a belt. 

Who made it?
All pieces are made with odds-and-ends fabric, leftovers by other designers, sourced within Europe. This garment is 100% made in Belgium. 

Care instructions
Hand wash up to 30° and air dry.