Softer Far Than Sleep

"With me retreat, where skins of lambs I keep,
Whose wool's a pillow softer far than sleep."

- Theocritus, The Idylls (3rd century BC)


During the transition to cooler seasons, people tend to look for soft, warm and enveloping structures that soothe them, lull them into hibernation. The search for comfort during autumn is what inspired our collection.

Entirely made in Belgium with high-end leftover textiles.

Sleep is a universal, invincible part of the daily cycle, shared by people everywhere. Sleep is one of the most stable of our physiological states. At the same time, sleep makes someone vulnerable, powerless, helpless. It is a surrender.

When we sleep, the body gets the chance to move into new realms, a kind of ultimate freedom paradoxical to the willlessness from which it originates. 

The culmination of softness goes towards the absence of tactility, the absence of resistance, the silence of a tender touch. The moment we try to visualise softness, through the creation of silhouettes with certain fabrics, an aesthetic component comes into being.