JANUE has two faces. She is multiple, mainly under control but sometimes restless and even confused. She resists growing in time, like a human being, from the young to an old age. It's a different idea of time, made for those who are not bothered with ends, with straight lines, with bodies growing old.

JANUE is a fashion label established in 2019 by Belgian art historian Céline Van den Bossche. Through researching the various moods of the moving body, she poetically questions monolithic ideas of the "Self" and evokes a sensory paradigm shift: fashion as a sensual medium to explore motion and its aesthetic possibilities. 

The choice is made for movements from the prototype to the unique, from the virtual, the sudden intuition to its repetition and to the exceptional. First, there is "JANUE, the prototype": these are the cuts that make us think and feel. They are the balmy touch of a memory we cherish, the shape yielded by an instant we remember and that haunts us in future creations. Second, there is "JANUE, the archetype": we grow in different directions, the restless life of forms following the touch of fabrics we encounter. Third, there is "JANUE, sui generis": artistic works, unique pieces that go beyond conventional genre boundaries. The main ambition of JANUE is not just to produce new shapes but to combine them with feeling, imaginging and thinking, to mingle silent senses to subtle words. 

Céline Van den Bossche founder and artistic director
Casper Venken
pattern maker
Vlad Ionescu