souvenirs de silence (film)

souvenirs de silence (film)

We look at the future of fashion not so much in terms of radical change but in terms of care, attention, duration and durability. Not so much as rushing time but in literally taking our time. It is an attitude, a culture and sensation that we implement in our clothes as much as in their representations, in our images and our first film. Janue looks in different directions and in this sense, she looks to the future through a profoundly aesthetic reconsideration of the past. We don’t think in terms of seasons but in terms of “montages” of sensations, reflections and spaces. 


A shadow
Dressed in coarse silk 

A silhouette
Brings back memories of silence

It remains
No more than a memory of history

A ghostly presence

Appearing through the earliest of dawn

A memory
Of wandering through holy villages.

An abstract fantasy 
Driven by attraction of what is hardly a subject

Grafted on fabrics 
With which others have already wrapped their fascinations

A pleated representation
Folds itself from within

It reflects
repeats itself
before it even gets to itself

A reference to nothing
Returning to its own motion
Cutting itself off
And spreading in all directions

Directed by Marnik Alfons
Written by Céline Van den Bossche
Produced by Studio Alfons Meyer

Model Ramy Moharam Fouad
Artistic direction Subin Son
Director of photography David Garcia
Photographer Max Meyer
Voice over and piano Nathalie Depadt-Renvoisé
Grading Sapata grade

Watch it here.  

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