Made to measure

We offer several services:
- Modifications on all the pieces from the collection for free 

(shortening trousers, etc.)
- A lifelong free maintenance of all the pieces from the collection (we do not repair pieces that are not made by JANUE)
- You can request a piece from the collection in a material or color by choice at an additional cost of €85 (excluding the extra cost of a more expensive material)
- You can request an entirely made to measure piece, charged by the hour

Reach us through our contact page or click the "check in store" button underneath each product for requests, orders, etc. 

Sustainable practice

We're small. We're local. We're flexible. We use residual and natural materials. We recycle and we upcycle. Because of our ultra short production chain we are 100% sure that everyone gets treated fairly and respectfully. We are 100% transparant in every step of the way and welcome you into our studio at any time. Besides in our own studio, we produce parts of our series in a socio-professional atelier down the street. We're very passionate about our neighborhood. 

We're also very passionate about you, the wearer. Therefore it is very easy to reach us, and we're always happy to help you, however small your question may be. 

We want to preserve the craft, because nothing is as sustainable as good quality. 

Studio / Shop

Our shop is integrated in our studio in Brussels, close to the Sablon. You can visit us during opening hours or by appointment. We're at the corner across Café des Minimes, underneath the most beautiful tree in the city, and next to the incredible, velvet walled church. Located on the intersection with the Marolles, our area has plenty of history, craftsmanship and the most sparkling atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit. 

We organize different kinds of events, so please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to be kept up to date. 


Unless stated otherwise, you can wash all our pieces gently at 30 degrees. We recommend using a delicate program on your machine, or to wash by hand. 

When a button comes loose and gets lost, you can simply ask us for a new one and we'll send it to you. If you have damage through wear you can pass by our studio and we'll do whatever we can to repair the piece. You can also opt for the support of a seamstress in your own neighborhood. Take care of your garment and it can last a lifetime. It also does not hurt when traces of wear become visible, a good patina increases uniqueness.