The living body should not be geometrized or standardized. A body is not static and neither should this be the case for a garment. Clothing should adapt to the body, not the other way around. Therefore we have developed a size chart based on the amount of movement in relation to the body. Choose a fit based on feeling.

We have adjusted our terminology when it comes to sizing. We describe the space in a piece through simply giving you its measurements so you can choose the amount of volume you want. It's easy and guarantees a better fit. Needless to say a size 1 is smaller than a size 2, but you can get rid of the idea that you belong to a certain group.

If you want to move dramatically, if you like volume, go crazy and dare to choose a liberating size and dare to arrange the garment to your body as up to several times a day, according to your changing mood. You can use belts, wires, scarves, etc. Play with volume! Feel free to ask for tips and tricks. 

If you want a different size than the ones we offer here, please let us know and we'll see how we can help you!